Terms & Condition

  1. Pups / Dogs/Birds/Cats/ Other pets or any live stock sold is not returnable or exchangeable in any condition. No Refund, No return, No exchange of pups or live pets, Please think twice before placing the order as you are buying a life that comes with responsibility.
  2. Best efforts are made to satisfy and clarify the facts to the purchaser, but no complaints will be entertained after wards. Purchaser should fully satisfy himself/ her self before the deal.
  3. No Cash complaints would be made after the purchase once commenced.
  4. Any complaints suffering from congenital/genetic disease, habitants pedigree is not liable to the seller as we guarantee only breed purity as a reseller.
  5. No Responsibility will be taken by the Seller for any Dead Loss Immediately after Deal.
  6. All dogs and pups at IDB must be vaccinated against disease or Fatal viruses, which is regularly carried out at IDB, it is for your information that preventive vaccination does not provide full protection against all the viruses that can cause disease, therefore a pet dog or pup may become ill even if is vaccinated, IDB follows stricts sanitation procedures, however even the best level of supervision, sanitation and personal care by any breeding or boarding Kennel Cannot prevent a dog or pup from getting an airborne virus or infection even after vaccination.
  7. The Breed certified by the Owner and the seller is one behalf of the purity of parents of the specified pup regarding their same breed, Hence there is no Hybreeding, The Pup is of buyers personal interest and choice. He has checked personally & satisfied on all the terms and conditions of the seller, The purchaser fully agree with all above points.
  8. The puppy will be delivered to you within 10 working days of order. The delivery time may vary based on the availability of the pups. Delivery charges may vary on the mode of transport of the destination city. The delivery will only be made only on pre order. No cash on delivery option available.
  9. All the responsibilities & Liabilities of the pup will be taken care by the buyers once the pup is received by him / her.
  10. We strictly sell Legal Pets exempted from any list of Government of India of preserved species of Parrots or any other Pets as they are born to live free. We do not propagate any such transactions.
  11. The buyer has attained the age of Majority i.e. 18 years & above. Make sure you are 18 years & above before making any purchase.
    • The pup of above mentioned description which I have decided to purchase is of my personal interest and choice, I have personally checked the terms and condition of sale of the seller. After this purchase I will bear all the liabilities and the responsibility on behalf of the purchased pup if any. I am fully satisfied with the deal I will not ask for exchange or return of the pup to the seller (IDB)
  12. Any legal matter is subject to the jurisdiction of Jaipur city only.

Why to take a pet from IDB (dogbazar):

  1. The Quality we deal is the best & as per the FCI Standard.
  2. All pups are bred in Punjab, Haryana & Rajasthan with utter most Hygiene and as per ISO & AWBI standards.
  3. Pups comes with a copyright breed Guarantee certificate duly micro chipped along with a unique Identification number & insured by National insurance company. Insurance is applicable as the puppy turns 3 months of age.
  4. All the pups comes with the complete details of vaccination, Diet, Medication, Do’s & Don’t, Deworming Schedule, Technical tips, toilet training tips & other Necessary details which will be sent to you via Phone & can be accessed online anywhere in the world on e-certificate issued by IDB.
  5. The Puppies will be delivered to you in an IATA approved ventilated fight basket attached with water bottle so the pup reaches you comfortably in our dedicated transport service.
  6. Free services & offers provided along with the puppy are only applicable for Jaipur as we are working on to provide in other cities too.
  7. 24 hour dedicated help line number will be provided to you for any assistance & emergency for any guidance related to your pet.
  8. All after sale services like vaccination, training, grooming can be made available for you on request in your cities at your cost.
  9. Details of the delivery status, Times & pickup spot will be sent on your phone via SMS once the puppy is dispatched.
  10. Pups sold at our site are 100% pure breed& certified on Behalf of the purity of parents of the specified pup regarding their same breed, Hence no Hybreeding.
  11. The pups delivered are vaccinated. Dewormed & Healthy at the time of delivery examined by expert veterinary surgeon.
  12. The pups at the time of Delivery will be approximately 6 to 8 Weeks of Age.
  13. The Puppies are delivered only after weaning age is completed & they are self feeding on their own.
  14. The puppies are procured from the organic Dog owning families & Breeders duly registered by local authorities or KCI.
  15. Although all pups are healthy & vaccinated but in case of a additional Health Certificate against Parvo of Distemper test Rs. 2000/- will be charged.