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About Viren Sharma

Cambridge dictionary defines Entrepreneur as someone who starts their own business, especially when this involves seeing a new opportunity like our very own 'DOG-MAN Viren Sharma from Jaipur.

Viren Sharma is a dog behaviourist with over 20 years of canine experience. He is a leading pet nutritionist who is successfully running P.A.W.S (Protection of Animal and Welfare Society) for the social upliftment of strays and underprivileged animals. He has been organizing marathons and annual rallies on issues of canine and mass concern over the last 15 years.

His recent record holding Dog adoption and Dog feeding campaigns made the headlines. Viren says "I do not feed the dogs, I feed my own soul” From the primitive times animal is one of the oldest companion of mankind. Viren mentions that “I love animals and I strongly believe we all have a special place for animals in our heart it just needs to be awakened.

Viren has revolutionized the Pet Industry by creating awareness towards pet keeping, pet-behaviour and pet-psychology on a never before level. The Pet business was an unorganized and unrecognized sector in India but today this Industry extends employment and generates an income for more than 1 million households amounting to more than Rs. 10,000 crores Industry.

Started in 2001, Viren owns more than 3 pet boutique stores, dedicated adoption centre and a pet hotel in Jaipur. With his unique customer awareness initiatives and workshops, the dog owning families in Rajasthan has increased from 300 to over 1 lakh. Viren has launched Indias first online portal www.dogbazar.org earmarking his footprints in digital platform. It is one of the highest rated and consistently visited ecommerce website in India.

He adds “the moment I discovered and unleashed my love towards animals I decided to convert my passion into a profession and it makes me feel very happy and proud that it has inspired many others to convert their passion “I have been feeding animals since I was a kid but never imagined that my little initiative of sharing my work at social media platform will create a mass movement and inspire many others to join. It gave strength to my objective and direction to my efforts where millions of stray dogs are fed by those who got inspired with my post and real time efforts.

In no time with my focused efforts in adopting and feeding countless I was tagged with the title ‘DOG-MAN’ as anything under the sky related to dogs made me one point contact for everyone around. I believe this is one of the biggest achievements, where people identify me not only with my work of feeding and adopting stray dogs but also anything related to Dogs.

His Achievements

Recorded highest number of adoption of 2000 stray puppies.

Distribution of 12000+ winter jackets every year

Free vaccination drive campaign for stray dogs

World record holder for highest stray puppy adoption

Fed more than 150000 dogs, monkeys during lockdown time period and still continued.

Official Canine consultants to Chief Minister, Governor, Rajasthan Police, RPF, Organized India’s first grand Dog wedding in 2006, covered by the leading media houses

Registered more than 1000dogs with Kennel club of India

Hosted India ‘s first celebrity dog show “Glam Dogs 2017” in Mumbai

Hosted Friendship day, Valentine day parties, Dog picnics, pool parties

Organized puppy adoption, camps and fashion shows, spreading awareness for animal welfare

Organised Dog rallies on social causes with hundreds of dogs and owners on road Organised Indias first dog auction with dogs on instalment & rent offers.