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Sponsor a dog that has been placed in a new home after being abused, neglected, or abandoned by its previous owner. The term can also apply to dogs that are found as strays, surrendered by owners for a variety of reasons, including relationship breakdowns, moving home where the owner is unable or unwilling to take their pets, or elderly people who are not permitted to take their dogs into a nursing home.

Once a pet is chosen, the owner should ensure the pet has been spayed or neutered and properly identified. The responsibility to the animal should be a commitment for the lifetime of the pet.

Your monthly gift will help fund the shelter, food, and veterinary care for dogs that have nowhere else to go.

You can sponsor on a monthly basis and you can get a best friend for life, receiving updates 3 times a year so you know exactly how much your money helps.

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Frequently asked questions

Your sponsorship contributions are used to help your sponsor dog and all the dogs in our care.

Receive updates through the year, so you know exactly how much your money helps.

Sponsorships are made by a monthly donation, either through a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) or through bank draft directly from a checking account.